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Patient Experience Initiative

Enhancing the Patient Experience

Based on nation-wide public opinion polling data, the first three chiropractic appointments have been identified as the deciding factor regarding the successful development of patient trust, loyalty, and retention. In 2021, the CCA began its Patient Experience Initiative – including the formation of a Patient Experience Task Force (PETF) and Patient Experience Review Group (PERG) – to develop a model patient journey. Knowledge transfer tools have been developed to help members improve patient engagement and communication while encouraging a more consistent and inclusive initial patient experience.

The PETF brought together chiropractors, chiropractic stakeholders, and patient representatives from across Canada to review and rate best practice seed statements to enhance the patient experience and positive drivers for chiropractic care, notably in the first three appointments.

The PERG brought together patients from across Canada to gain diverse patient experiences and feedback, both quantitative and qualitative, while confirming key driving factors for both positive and negative patient experiences.


Putting the patient experience best practices into practice

The CCA has developed various resources to help you apply the Patient Experience Initiative learnings in practice – especially during the first three visits. Check out the toolkit of materials below, download these pieces, and incorporate them into your patient interactions!

Patient Experience Best Practices Seed Statements

A comprehensive list of recommendations for the patient experience was developed using the CCPA’s Roadmap to Care and included best practices for intake forms and process, health history, physical examination, diagnosis, report of findings, informed consent, patient files, and the recommended treatment plan.

Best Practices for Communicating with Patients


The CCA has developed a communications-focused best practices toolkit as part of the Patient Experience Initiative’s effort to evaluate the model patient journey, enhance the overall patient experience, and transfer these learnings to members. Effective communication is one of the most important factors in our ability, as chiropractors, to provide meaningful patient care. Download the following toolkit for tips on how to be a more effective communicator and, in turn, enhance patient trust, outcomes, and referrals.

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