About the Course

Description: The Human Anatomy Dissection Experience: 7-Day CPD Program strives to offer practitioners within the medical community and Complementary and Alternative Medicine professions the opportunity to revisit the essential science of human anatomy as it applies to their chosen field when it is most important to them: once they are working in the clinic. This continuing professional development program recognizes the importance of the fasciae in the practice of medicine and CAM, as well as the difference between a textbook and clinical knowledge of anatomy. Students are guided through their dissections starting with an intact cadaver so that they may appreciate the anatomy in all its facets from topography to osteology, including the fasciae.

This is an open-curriculum course where students plan their dissections based in their clinical interests/workloads. Examples of unique dissection curricula include: joint manipulation to failure followed by dissection to observe patterns of joint capsule and muscular damage as would be seen in a traumatic joint injury, sectional approaches to the limbs to follow myofascial chains, and sectional approaches to the head, neck, and trunk to understand various anatomical relationships.