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Dues FAQ

What are the current Member Categories and Fees?

As of 2022 Membership fees for New Brunswick Chiropractors are as follows:

Full Time Active Member 1st year – 1760

Full Time Active Member 2nd year – 2200

Full Time Active Member 3rd year – 2985

Full Time Active Member 4th year and over – 3200

Part-time Active Member - 2237

Leave (non-practicing) - 1315

Why are NBCA Association dues higher than in provinces like Ontario?

In some Canadian provinces, like Ontario, there is a College of Chiropractors (regulatory body) and separate Chiropractic Member Association (member services). In these provinces, fees are paid individually to each body.  

In New Brunswick, the NBCA serves as both the Regulatory Body and Chiropractic Association. Thus, the fees are combined and not actually higher. 

When and how do I pay my yearly dues?

The NBCA emails invoices to each member in October for the upcoming year.

Regardless of method the first payment must be made by Jan 1.

If you anticipate a change in category, contact us and we will adjust accordingly.

Payment Options:

A) 12 Equal Monthly Payments (PAD) (no discount available)

B)  Credit card online (no discount available)   

One full payment on or before Jan1.

Two equal payments - 1st payment made on or before Jan1 and 2nd made on or before June 1.


C) Single cheque for full amount dated for on or before Jan 1.

If sent prior to December 1st, a 100 discount applies.

If sent after December 1st, the discount does NOT apply.


D) Two (2) equal cheques. First dated for on or before Jan 1 and second dated for June1.

If sent prior to December 1st, the 100 discount applies.

If sent after December 1st, the discount does NOT apply.

What tax season do receipts apply to?

Receipts normally apply to the year in which they were paid.


If you pay your 2023 dues in 2022, the receipt normally applies to the 2022 tax year.


If you pay all or part of your 2023 dues on Jan 1, 2023, the receipt normally applies to the 2023 tax year.

Individual circumstance may differ, f you have questions or concerns about tax information, contact the CRA or your accountant

How do I change categories?

We know life can change your needs and/or ability to practice full time.

If you require a change from Active Member status to Part-Time (12 hours or less a week) or a Leave of absence (non-practicing):

* Submit Form

* A 70.00 fee is required at the time of submission

* Notify CCPA or other insurance provider

The NBCA will notify CCA (if applicable). Your dues will be adjusted based on the date you leave will change. Please reach out as early as possible if you have questions.


If you have additional questions about NBCA Membership Dues, please contact us.

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