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Veterans Affairs Canada


Following advocacy efforts and collaboration with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), we are happy to announce that chiropractors have been added to the list of qualified health professionals who can complete medical questionnaires forms for the Veterans Affairs Canada Disability Program. Other qualified health professionals include physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Completing the Medical Questionnaire on behalf of a Veteran may allow them access to Disability Benefits (financial recognition for the impact service-related injury or disease has on a Veteran’s life) if their application is approved by Veterans Affairs Canada.

This is a great success for Canadian chiropractors who are actively contributing to alleviate the current health human resource crisis within the primary healthcare system in Canada, and who are committed to supporting the MSK health of Veterans.

Chiropractors can complete medical questionnaires for the following MSK conditions:

  • Shoulder and Acromioclavicular Joint Conditions

  • Knee Conditions

  • Foot and Toe Conditions

  • Hip Conditions

  • Ankle Conditions

  • Wrist Joint Conditions

  • Elbow Joint Conditions

  • Thumb/Finger Conditions

  • Lower Limb Function

  • Upper Limb Function

  • Thoracolumbar Spine Conditions

  • Cervical Spine Conditions

  • Coccyx, Pelvis and Sacroiliac Joint Conditions

Here are some helpful links to resources on the Veterans Affairs Canada website:


Upcoming Webinar, Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC): A How-to Guide on Disability Questionnaires

Join us on Tuesday, February 13, 2024 from 12-1 pm ET for a step-by-step overview on how to thoroughly complete the Disability Assessment and Medical Questionnaire for submission to VAC. In this informative session moderated by Dr. Ayla Azad, CCA CEO, we will hear from guest speakers from VAC and review examples of completed questionnaires to ensure attendees gain practical insights and confidence stepping into this new role.


Log into Chiropractium to register in the CCA Learning Lab.

Online course, My patient is a Veteran

The NBCA highly recommends completing the My Patient is a Veteran e-learning Series -10 CE hours.



It is our pleasure to share with you access to the “My Patient is a Veteran” eLearning series of modules and podcasts that Veterans Task Force (Ottawa) and the University of Ottawa have jointly produced. The series will be distributed to 18 medical schools, their students, residents, and faculty, from across Canada will have access to this series. Finally, the 31 countries forming the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will also benefit from free access to these modules and podcasts.  


Through discussions with numerous practicing physicians, departments of family medicine and health care providers, over the last year, it was found that health care providers providing HC to veterans are experiencing difficulties in referring their patients to the appropriate specialists. Most health care providers were not aware of the resources available to them and how to navigate through the veteran support ecosystem. Affording the primary care physicians with the menu of services and supports, will be instrumental in helping family physicians and veterans service providers in connecting and developing a strong network of care, thus demystifying some myths and fears associated with providing HC to Veteran patients. 


This initiative provides a unique synthesis of all the opportunities and services open to all HC stakeholders, with the goal of minimizing the breakdown of HC services currently being experienced by members of the military community.   

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